Terms & Conditions

Payments: We only accept payment via debit or credit card, unless otherwise approved by office staff (not cleaners). Please do not give payment for cleanings directly to cleaners for they will not be accepted. Any cash given to a cleaner will not be accepted as payment for a job since we cannot efficiently track the payment.

Breakage: We have been trained in the proper and safe handling of items in homes. Unfortunately, accidents still occur occasionally. If this happens, you will be notified by our technician, or left a note, and given a phone call. Reimbursement will be made up to $250 with a copy of your replacement receipt or a quote on a replacement for a similar item. Items that cannot be replaced due to sentimental or antique value should be reported to Pristine Janitorial Services BEFORE service begins. We reserve the right not to touch an item. Reimbursement for items over 250$ may be handled by our insurance company. All damage must be reported within 24 hours. We will contact you after notification. If we do not hear from you within the next 30 days we will assume you do not want to have us resolve the issue and the situation will void.

Cleaning guarantee & refund policy: Our work is done to demanding specifications and we will provide a 24-hour guarantee. This guarantee covers any work under our Residential Services. This only applies to whole home cleanings and not hourly services. It is your responsibility to notify the company of any problem within this time period (24 hours); a phone call, email, or satisfaction survey response will be sufficient.

If it has been more than 24 hours we will leave it to our discretion if we return for a reclean. We will come back to your house for an inspection and correct the problem as soon as our schedule allows. A discount/refund will only be given after the re-clean if you are still completely unsatisfied and if we determine that the refund is justifiable. We will make every effort to be reasonable, but your house will not be re-cleaned or money refunded if there is evidence of family members, guests, contractors, or pets dirtied newly cleaned areas such as: washed floors, mirrors, etc.